A Passage Through Time

Have you ever dreamed about visiting an authentic medieval city? Walk along the streets that look just as they did a thousand years ago? Now you can!

The Ancient Kyiv park is the exact replica of one of the oldest European settlements, based on the sketches, drawings and urban plans that have reached us through the ages. Entering the park for the first time, visitors can experience how merchants and explorers felt when stepping through the main gate after months of travel. During the 9th and 10th centuries, Kyiv was one of the most developed states in Europe – economically, culturally and architecturally – therefore the park gives an excellent snapshot of the European city life during that time. Here, history comes alive in all its vibrant colours and sounds.

The area captured is in the picture is what today would be considered a downtown. In the middle ages, urban development was focused on a fortress, which protected the city from gangs and rival armies. The markets usually sprung right next to the castle walls, with inns, taverns and residential houses sprawling down the streets. At that time, all buildings, including the fortress, were wooden. The walls were made of logs, each placed on top of the other and held together by notches, scribed by hand. This technique lasted for centuries and is still used today in villages across Europe.

The park has something for everyone, including history buffs, urban planning students as well as curious tourists. Visit it if you can – the place may be somewhat off the beaten path but, at least until time machine is invented, is one of the best way to travel back in time today.


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