City DNA

The Helix Bridge is a remarkable piece of architecture that is inspired by the structure of DNA. The 280 meter long construction connects Singapore’s historic business district with the new Bayfront area, that was reclaimed from the ocean. The double-helix shape thus symbolizes a triumph of science and engineering that, at the same time, honours nature and respects the environment. It also continues the artistic tradition of Antonio Gaudi, who brought natural patterns he saw in biology to his architecture.

The bridge design is both attractive as well as practical. The double-helix structure supports sun-shades along the walkway, inviting people to hide from the tropical heat. The viewing pods that extend from the arc provide some of the most scenic skyline views. The bridge turned out to be a great way to bring people to the new waterfront area that has become an attractive place for work and play. An evening walk around Marina Bay that passes through the Helix Bridge is one of the best way to unwind after a day of hard work and watch the city blaze with night colours.


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