The House With Chimaeras

Vladyslav Horodecki is often called the Gaudi of Kyiv, for his unique and quirky style. His most famous work, the House with Chimaeras, is definitely reminiscent of his Catalan colleague and the surreal shapes of his buildings, such as Casa Mila.

The name actually doesn’t have any relation to the mythical chimaera creatures; instead, it refers to the architectural Chimaera style, in which animal figures are used to decorate the facade.

Vladyslav has built the house for his own use and residence. Flamboyant as he was talented, he has erected part of the house on a hill, which added originality to its looks but required a special design to support it. One part of the building stood on regular concrete tiles while the other was supported by a continuous foundation. He decorated the walls and the interior with shapes of mythical creatures and exotic plants. Mermaids, dolphins, deers and rhinos are captured in a dance among trees and lotus flowers.

Partly because of the expensive designs, the architect eventually fell in debt and had to sell the house to a wealthy trader.

Currently, the building serves as an official presidential residence as well as a spectacular reminder of Kyiv’s rich architectural tradition.


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