The City Arcade

If you ever feel nostalgic about the ’80s era while in South East Asia, this narrow old street in Singapore will help you go back in time. Here, you’ll find bars where bands perform retro hits, clubs featuring classic stand-up shows and neon signs that lead to a gigantic Arcade gaming club, full of real Space Invaders, Golden Axe and Donkey Kong machines.

This nexus of the 1980s culture can be found around the block 21 of the historic Tanjong Pagar neighborhood. The main building hosts a row of renovated shophouses that became popular with the tech crowd – apart from the gaming arcades, it hosts hip internet companies such as Spotify.

While during the 80s Singapore itself made headlines for its explosive economic growth and trading prowess, today the city is rediscovering its pop culture heritage. Classic local bands became an important part of the line-ups at many festivals and concerts.

On one of the nights, after binge watching Stranger Things, put your headphones on, and walk around the Arcade area, while listening to the nostalgic sounds of that glorious era. The ’80s are calling!

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