A Red Dot

People were drawn to Mars since ancient times. The red dot stood out among the pale stars in the dark sky and evoked images of fiery deities, vengeful gods and passionate heroes.

Since we’ve discovered that Mars was our neighbouring planet, we’ve never stopped wondering if there was life there or if we, perhaps, one day could make it our second home in the Solar System.

Mars became an important part of the popular culture, filling the imagination of songwriters, novelists and movie makers. “Is there life on Mars?” asks David Bowie. “Most definitely yes, and we are getting it terraformed”, answer the citizen of MCR in The Expanse.

In fact, some people not only dream about the red planed but take practical steps to making it their backyard. One of the most iconic companies of our times, SpaceX, is built around the mission of eventually colonizing Mars. Its founder, Elon Musk, is planning to retire there. Knowing Elon, we doubt the “retire” part but not the “colonize” one.

From the ancient myths to space exploration, Mars has been at the center of human aspirations. After so many years, our story with the closest neighbor in space is just starting to get written. The @2footsteps can’t wait to step on the Martian dust and see its reddish glow with our own eyes.


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