If you ever lived in or traveled through Asia, you’ve probably tried a bowl of Samgyetang soup or a cup of ginseng tea at least once. The ginseng root is a popular ingredient in many dishes because of its unique, somewhat bittersweet flavor. Its also one of the most common herbal medicines in the world (please consult your doctor if you plan on using it).

In Ancient China, control over ginseng plantations has even been a cause for armed conflicts, so critical were its supplies both the diet as well as medicine in the Middle Kingdom. And the old Korean legends tell about a root with magical powers that only the luckiest and the most daring ones can find in the mountains. Today, China and Korea are still the largest consumers of the plant, though its variety is also present in North America.

Recipes for ginseng are plenty and include a variety of soups, teas, smoothies and even wines. Next time you fancy a dish or a drink that is as delicious as it is healthy, give one of these a try!

Interested in trying ginseng or cooking dishes with it? Here are a few recommendations:
Ginseng: The Divine Root. A book about the story of ginseng, which is as remarkable as the root itself.
Organic ginseng root. Great for cooking ginseng dishes yourself.


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