The grey-feathered seagull is a symbol of California’s rich wild life. These beautiful birds can often be seen along the endless Pacific coastlines, diving to catch a fish or bathing in the sun.

Over the years, people noticed how smart seagulls are. For instance, the birds have figured out baseball league schedules and now flock San Francisco’s stadiums right before games are about to end, to grab leftover food.

Perhaps this uncanny shrewdness created an air of mystery around these birds, who are featured prominently in movies and literature. In the famous fable by Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston seagull’s love for flying leads him to a rich life of learning, discovery and wonder. On a darker note, in Albert Hitchcock’s horror movie The Birds, seagulls are the first to attack the protagonists.

There is no denying that their enigmatic character adds to seagulls’ natural beauty and steers feelings of both wonder as well as caution. Next time you are in California, take some time to stroll along the shore and watch these graceful birds spread their wings and soar the sky.


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