Sail To The Future: Yokohama’s Minato Mirai district

Minato Mirai’s skyline has made frequent appearances in a variety of media and art forms, from photography to movies to video games, and even literary fiction. Part of Yokohama, it is one of the few places that blend modernity with history, futuristic architecture with nature, and a vibrant urban atmosphere with a calmer pace of life. Whenever we visit Tokyo, a quintessential mega-city, we always make sure to spend some time in Yokohama for a change in rhythm. I often think that if I ever had an opportunity to live in the Greater Tokyo Bay area, it would probably be Yokohama where we would settle.

A quality that makes Yokohama’s skyline so charming is the unique history behind virtually every building that is part of it. Take the Landmark Tower for example. Built right on the spot where the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 had its most devastating impact, this 296 meter tall structure became a symbol of Japan’s resilience and unwavering spirit. 

Then, the Yokohama Landmark Plaza closely follows the traditional “akarenga” style that continues from the Meiji era, – today’s architects skillfully weaved red brick elements into the modern structure. 

The Cosmo Clock 21 completes the eclectic skyline. It stands on the site where the first Japanese-made clock tower was placed in 1898, serving as a reminder that Japan has always been the country of innovation and invention.

We definitely recommend that you visit Yokohama next time you are in Japan. It is easy to miss this little gem among Tokyo’s glitter and lights. It is totally worth making your way here and spending a pleasant day at both the historic and futuristic Minato Mirai area.


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