The Poetry Of Lanterns

The bright colourful lanterns is a familiar sight in many cities in Asia, where these glowing beacons guide pedestrians through the winding streets and alleys. While lantern-making it’s a common tradition around the continent, many countries have developed their unique takes on their design.

The distinct kaleidoscopic style is common in Vietnam and originates from its ancient town Hoi An. For centuries, this place has been favored by the merchants who came from far-away lands to trade fabric, furniture and other goods. It is believed that the lantern tradition was first brought to Vietnam by the Japanese who, in turn, adopted it from China. People still travel to Hoi An to marvel at the work of the local craftsmen who pass their skills from generation to generation.

In the Vietnamese culture, colors have deep spiritual meeting. Yellow, for instance, stands for wealth, red – for luck and blue – for hope. Having the right mix of tones in the garment, cloth or packaging can be very important in both the everyday as well as business settings. No wonder that the lanterns are weaved into vivid mosaics that tell stories through the poetry of colors. Make sure to find the right combination if you decide to decorate your home with a few of these beautiful lamps!


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