Enter The Game

Games are one of the oldest forms of human art. They can be found in every civilization we know, reflecting their traditions, ideas and cultures. In fact, games such as Go were used as a medium to convey spiritual lessons as well as to teach practical skills such as logic and strategic thinking. Many historians consider the play a foundation of language, philosophy, literature and other forms of social expression.

Early gaming tools looked relatively crude and were typically made of bone, wood and stone. Gradually, the mechanics became more complex and incorporated boards, dices, pieces and cards. Modern role-playing games are based on massive rule and story books, often as thick as novels. With globalization, culture has spread across the world, and many games, from football to poker, now have their own international championships.

Gaming has always been on the cutting edge of technology. It is no wonder that with the advance of computers, games have firmly occupied the digital domain. More importantly, the Internet enabled people from any part of the world to play together. Being a professional video gamer has become an aspirational career, similar to how athletes of the past became superstars.

Arcade gaming centers have evolved from dumpy pachinko halls to massive arenas with cutting edge immersive tech, including whole-body virtual reality experiences. These arcades have become some of the most popular destinations in many cities, often attracting as many tourists as museums and galleries.

Most excitingly, the story of the play is only just starting, and the new generation of games combine immersive graphics, thoughtful storytelling and the global connectedness. We are about to Enter The Game.


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