The Civic District

The Civic District is the cultural center of Singapore that lies at the heart of the city’s origin story. In the 19th century, when Singapore was emerging as an important trading post, the area along the Singapore river was redeveloped as a site for docks, storage facilities and merchant stores. This expansion is famous for being one of the most advanced urban planning projects of its time.

Today, Singapore’s many important landmarks are situated here. Such historical places as the Asian Civilizations Museum, the Supreme Court and the Padang are a must see for anyone who wants to learn about the country’s cultural legacy. With futuristic skyscrapers towering over colourful historic buildings, the Civic District also offers one of the most stunning skyline views and takes explorers on a journey from the city’s past to its future.

In fact, one of the scenes from the famous movie Crazy Rich Asians takes place right here. When the protagonist Nicholas Young decides to abandon his wealth and spend his life with Rachel Chu, he meets her right here, at the Queen Elizabeth Walk. Its a popular spot for people to come and talk, enjoy the view or just wind down after a busy day. Perhaps, the movie’s happy ending partly owes itself to the perfect choice of location for one of its key dialogues.

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