The Leaf

An oval window, shaped like a tree leaf, is overlooking Passeig De Gracia from Casa Batlló, a graceful building designed by Antonio Gaudi.

Gaudi was one of the humblest and, at the same time, most ambitious architects who ever lived. He viewed nature as the perfect creator and aspired to bring shapes and patterns he saw in biology, to his designs.

Casa Batlló is one of Gaudi’s most iconic works. The building is shaped as a constant curve, supported by vertebral base and walls  – a pattern common in natural biology.

Originally, the house was a private residence of the Batlló family, who made a fortune during the industrial revolution. One can only imagine living in one of the rooms, spending days looking at the streets of Barcelona through its leaf-shaped windows. It is likely though that their house inspired its owners to spend a lot of time in nature and admire the creative force that moved the genius architect.


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