London Architecture Jazz

Architecture has always thrived on the opposites. The tension between history and modernity, technology and art, discipline and improvisation created some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Like any craft, architecture is constantly evolving and changing. As years go by, styles layer over each other and imprint a unique look, feel and spirit on every place.

London has lived through many epochs and changes, and has embraced and absorbed them all. The city effortlessly mixes medieval cathedrals with glass’n’steel skyscrapers, and is a living and breathing museum of architecture. Walking through its streets feels like having a tour through the ages, learning how builders have refined their techniques over years, discovered new materials and learned to defy gravity with ever bolder designs. It is worth revisiting London every now and then and be surprised with how effortlessly it weaves in new building into its already harlequin cityscape.


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