Snow In Barcelona

Barcelona old-timers will always vividly remember the spring of 2010, when the sunny mediterranean city suddenly became covered in snow. That morning, I just grabbed my coffee and was strolling down Plaza Catalunya, when I felt snowflakes touching my face. In just 10 minutes, the city was engulfed in a real snow storm, not unlike you’d see in the northern countries during winter.

Used to the warm climate, Barcelona was woefully unprepared to deal with such weather. Roads were paralysed, train and metro services had to stop. Some of my friends who lived in towns nearby and commuted to Barcelona for work, couldn’t get back home that day. The snowfall went by as fast as it came, and the next day the weather was back to its usual sunny mediterranean self. All we were left with were apocalyptic photos of the storm to remind us how blessed Barcelona is with its mild climate most of the time.


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